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 Pokemon Systems

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PostSubject: Pokemon Systems   Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:43 pm

System Rules

Every post you make, your pokemon gains 1 happiness, every pokemon beaten is 5 happiness spread to all those who fough, beaten will make it lose 5 happiness, if your pokemon was the last pokemon to finish off a trainer battle, gains an extra 2 happiness

If a pokemon has four moves and gains another, one move must be deleted to obtain the new move

Battling on this site follows the basic formula for RP. You post as your character, and your Pokemon. This includes dialogue and actions. You MUST leave your post open ended, and can NOT auto hit the oppnoent. However, you ALSO must say in your post whether the opponent's attack hit or not. You cannot dodge every attack, nor can you constantly take attacks and never faint. You must use logic, reasoning, and fairness in a battle. If it is seen as not being so by another user, or member of staff, a moderator may step in and cause your Pokemon to take damage, or even cause them to faint.

Wild Battles and Gym Battles:

Wild Pokemon and Gym Leaders are both played by Moderators. They are the ones who decide what appears for you, and when. You don't get to choose which wild Pokemon appears, or which Pokemon the Gym Leader uses next. If you have been Role Playing with a non-moderator partner, and find yourself in need of a new encounter, just request a moderator's assistance by posting in the "Mod Me" section, or contacting one of the staff members via Chat Box or PM.


EXP, or Experience is how Pokemon level up and become stronger. There are a few different ways to gain experience on this site currently. They are as follows;

When a Pokemon is knocked out in battle, it provides experience to the Pokemon who fought it. The amount of experience given is equal to the Pokemon's level. So, if a level 5 Pokemon is knocked out, it gives a total of 5 EXP. If only one Pokemon fought the Pokemon, it is given all 5 EXP. However, if more fought it, the EXP will be divided as evenly as possible. If it can not be divided evenly, then the final point will go to the one who dealt the final blow. Fainted Pokemon do not gain EXP at the end of a battle, and captured Pokemon give no EXP.
TL;DR Version:
Lv 5 Pokemon gives 5 EXP.
If two Pokemon defeat a Level 5 Pokemon, they each gain 2 EXP with 1 EXP going to the one who landed the final attack.


Training Topic:
Training topics can also be a single post if you wish. These are posts in which your character spends time working one their Pokemon's abilities. This can involve tackling inanimate objects, working on techniques, and just strengthening them in general. This work is recommended to be detailed, but not full of useless junk. If you spend 30 words describing how a leaf on a tree looks, mods will cut it out when counting words to go toward your overall EXP gain. The translation here is 10 words = 1 EXP. That means if you write a 200 word post, your Pokemon will gain 20 EXP. Only Pokemon actually training in the topic will gain EXP, and if more than one are in it then the EXP will be divided evenly unless you explicitly separate the two training posts for each of them into separate sections entitled [Training: Pokemon name here].

TLL;DR Version:
25 words in training post = 1 EXP gained for the Pokemon trained.

::Leveling Up::

Pokemon level up when they reach the amount of experience equal to their own level. That means that a level 10 Pokemon will level up to level 11 at 10 EXP. Each time a Pokemon levels up, their EXP is reset to 0 (if there were leftover EXP points from the last battle/training topic, they are then added to the 0). That means if a level 10 Pokemon gained 19 EXP, it would level up to level 11. The EXP would be set to 0, then the remaining 9 added to it.

TL;DR Version:
Current Level = Amount of EXP required to Level Up.


Eggs can be obtained via random events in RP or the shop. After 2 or more pages of RP, or two topics/towns your egg is able to hatch [less it be a rare legendary egg or the like].


*Only a Breeder character can breed Pokemon at this moment, only use this if you are using a Breeder*
To start things off, in order to breed two Pokemon, a trainer must have a male and female in compatable egg groups. Like in the games, genderless Pokemon cannot breed, excluding Ditto. With the exception of Manaphy, Legendary Pokemon cannot breed.

Next, just as in a training topic, the user should make a breeding topic, and in the first post, set up their two Pokemon to breed. To do this, they will have to find a secluded area and create a private place for their Pokemon to breed. Once that is done, they leave their Pokemon there for a while, because the two Pokemon won't produce an egg in front of prying eyes.

Now that the Pokemon are off doing whatever and the trainer has left, they can do something else: fighting wild Pokemon, a gym, or just walk around. For each page of posts while their Pokemon are breeding, they will produce one egg. And if the trainer goes to get them one post off from a new page, it's up to the mod, because they technically never finished that page to get the egg. The trainer may not leave the topic until they pick their Pokemon back up.

Eggs produced by a Breeder have a 50-50 chance of becoming either parent, the female does NOT determine what the egg is.
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Pokemon Systems
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